The Pearls of India is an initiative of Dutch tourists and Indian drivers. At the end of 2009 we decided to take a trip to India. It soon became clear to us that we did not want to make the trip in a group with a travel organization, but on our own initiative. Through various detours we reserved a private driver for a number of days. Exciting, as this was our first time traveling in such a way!

Once arrived at the airport in Delhi we were neatly met by our driver Babu. The contact was special from the first moment. We were immediately admitted to Indian culture and went to an unforgettable journey. In consultation we decided which places we wanted to do. The knowledge of Babu was very useful for this. In Delhi we also met his older brother Bharat, who also worked as a driver.

After long and special conversations, we started to feel that we had to do something for these two brothers. They had to earn a living for their families in Nepal with a few euros a day. At a young age they left for big Delhi, because it was the only opportunity to earn money and take care of a large family.

We started The Pearls of India initiative in mid-2010 and have since been trying to mediate between tourists and drivers from North India. There are many people who have enjoyed an unforgettable trip through India. It is even possible to make a combination trip to India and Nepal, with the same trusted driver. We wish you a lot of pleasure in planning an unforgettable journey.

Since the end of 2023, the management of this website has been taken over by André. As an enthusiastic traveler and India fan, he will now help Babu and his colleagues mediate your travel requests and answer all your questions via

André, The Pearls of India 2023